Comprehensive SEO Audit

Has your organic traffic been faltering lately? There are a wide variety of factors involved when it comes to how search engines view and rank your website; it’s more than just your link building strategy or how much text you put on each page. The most efficient and effective way to learn about your website is with a comprehensive SEO audit.

Our goal of an SEO audit is to provide you with a complete analysis of every aspect of your website. We review your current SEO strategies and show you the in-depth performance of every strategy.

Whether you have a lot of experience in SEO or you’re just learning about it, we strive to provide you with a full education of your site’s SEO status and how it could improve with Intertwine strategies.




Dedicated SEO Representative

When you sign up for an Intertwine SEO Site Audit, we’ll provide you with an experienced SEO professional who will build and present an all-inclusive list of SEO strategies for your website. Do you have a question about which will effectively drive new customers to your online brand?




Competitive Analysis

We know the importance of staying ahead of your competitors. Our SEO team reviews the current status of your site in comparison to your competitors and creates strategies for improvement.





Keyword Research & Optimization

We have the skills and tools to determine the best keywords you can use to optimize your site for better organic traffic and conversions. Your SEO account representative will review all of the top keywords and keyword phrases that your site could and should rank for.




Site Diagnostic Check

Our team uses a variety of SEO tools to diagnose any issues with your website. We review 404 errors, blocked resources, incomplete or unnecessary code, duplicate content, and more. Our goal is to provide you a deep insight into the current health and quality of your website.





Landing Page Analysis & Meta Content Strategy

Meta content is extremely valuable to your website; it helps drive visitors to your website by giving them a good understanding of your business and website. We review your organic landing pages and provide recommendations on meta tag content that best optimizes keyword terms.




Internal Linking Analysis

You may have outstanding content, but how can you attract and keep website visitors if your internal linking structure is confusing? We develop internal linking strategies to connect content on your webpages and help Google learn the structure of your website.





Content Marketing Strategy

As one of the most important factors on your site, on-site content both helps attract new organic visitors and keeps them on your site. Your dedicated SEO specialist provides the most effective content marketing strategy for your site to perform at its best.







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