Retargeting Marketing

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Retargeting is the act of shadowing visitors to your site as they continue to navigate the web. In essence, it’s intertwining their proven interest in your product or service with targeted ads designed to entice them to return and convert to a sale. In the simplest terms, your ads are consistently viewed by users who have shown interest in your site.

Intertwine’s Approach to Retargeting

When consumers visit your website, leave, then continue browsing the internet, your text or banner ads will be displayed across our vast network of over 1 million websites, drawing them back to finalize their transaction.

We use targeted ads that highlight the particular product or category the consumer was initially viewing, offering an incentive for them to return and finalize the transaction. Statistics show 98% of consumers do not convert during their first visit to a website. More than likely, you spent money getting them to your site in the first place, so don’t let that go to waste. Re-engaging them on a daily or weekly basis dramatically increases the chances they return and buy.

Our Retargeting Service Details

  • Dedicated account rep
  • Email & phone support
  • Account & audience set up
  • Text ad creation & testing
  • Banner ad creation (additional cost)
  • Bid & network optimization
  • Custom performance reporting
  • Strategic meetings

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