Comparison Shopping Engines

What is Comparison Shopping?

Smart shoppers always hunt for the best price so wouldn’t it be handy if they could see an assortment of sites that carry the product they’re looking for all on one page? They can with popular comparison shopping engines (CSEs) like Shopzilla,, Nextag, and dozens of others. With CSEs, shoppers can quickly and easily compare pricing, features, and ratings all in one location to find the best deal available.

Intertwine’s Approach to Comparison Shopping

With so many CSEs around, each with its own specific feed format and pricing structure, it can be a burden to manage them all. Intertwine’s experienced CSE team eliminates that hassle by working with you to create a single, optimized product feed for your site that we then convert into the unique feed formats for each engine.

We can create and setup your CSE accounts, optimize your individual CSE feeds, and develop a targeted CSE bid strategy based on your product type and margins to yield the most profitable results.

Let us help you intertwine your products with the top comparison shopping sites on the web. We’ll help you increase your sales and manage your products on these growing shopping platforms.


Intertwine’s Comparison Shopping Service Details

  • Dedicated account rep
  • Email & phone support
  • Account & profile set up
  • Tracking pixel set up & testing
  • Data feed categorization & optimization
  • Placement optimization
  • Custom performance reporting
  • Strategic meetings

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