Affiliate Marketing

Who Does Your Business Affiliate With?

Affiliate Marketing Cycle Like a never-ending cycle where everyone wins, Affiliate Marketing is a growing trend in eCommerce. It’s such a continuous process, it’s hard to tell where it all starts. So let’s start with you. You have something to sell and you need a platform from which to sell it. That’s where we come in.

The affiliate team at Intertwine will leverage its relationships to recruit websites, or affiliates, to advertise your product for you for a commission. A customer visits an affiliate’s website and is then directed to your website. If you score a sale, you pay a commission to the affiliate. This low risk, low cost approach to Affiliate Marketing is a huge factor in its appeal.

Intertwine’s Approach to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Partners Relationships play a major role in Affiliate Marketing success, so who you know can make a world of difference. Intertwine is one of the best in the affiliate business. We have close relationships with all the major affiliate networks and top affiliates around the world that help us drive over a million dollars per month in sales. Being successful at Affiliate Marketing is an intense and tedious process, but don’t worry – we handle the hard stuff for you. As we build up your affiliate relationships, your product reaches thousands, your sales increase, and you only pay when you make money. The cost is fixed, there’s no hidden pricing, and the risk is low.

Maybe you’ve already dabbled in the affiliate market and just need some fresh ideas, or maybe affiliate marketing is a new concept to you. Either way, we have the experience and know-how to take you to the next level. There are thousands of affiliates out there we’d love to intertwine with you.

Our Service Details

  • Dedicated account rep
  • Email & phone support
  • Account & profile set up
  • Tracking pixel set up & testing
  • Ad development & placement
  • Text, banner & coupon ad creation
  • Data feed set up & testing
  • XML promotions feed
  • Affiliate recruitment
  • Publisher newsletters
  • Custom performance reporting
  • Strategic meetings


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