Our Services

Intertwine offers a comprehensive suite of internet marketing services backed by individuals who are not only experts in their field, but also exceptionally passionate about what they do. Our services include PPC, SEO, Retargeting, Affiliate Marketing, and Comparison Shopping.

Intertwine’s business is broken down into five specialized categories. Equally effective in their own right, each of these categories intertwine to form an internet marketing powerhouse that can help your website reach its full potential. Make every click count!


Paid Search Management (PPC)

Businesses are understandably drawn to Pay-Per-Click advertising after discovering how it can instantly rank their site on the first page of search results, gaining valuable exposure to consumers searching for products and services. Read more about our PPC Services


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Top-slotted sites in a search engine results list didn’t arrive there by luck or coincidence, and they didn’t win a daily drawing. They’re filled with unique content relevant to the search itself. Read more about our SEO services



Retargeting is the act of shadowing visitors to your site as they continue to navigate the web. In essence, it’s intertwining their proven interest in your product or service with targeted ads designed to entice them to return and convert to a sale. Read more about our Retargeting Approach


Affiliate Marketing

Like a never-ending cycle where everyone wins, Affiliate Marketing is a growing trend in ecommerce. It’s such a continuous process, it’s hard to tell where it all starts. So let’s start with you. Read more about Affiliate Marketing


Comparison Shopping

Smart shoppers always hunt for the best price so wouldn’t it be handy if they could see an assortment of sites that carry the product they’re looking for all on one page? They can with popular comparison shopping engines (CSE’s) like Amazon, Shopping.com, Bizrate, Shopzilla, Google Shopping, Yahoo Shopping and dozens of others. Read more about Comparison Shopping


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