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Intertwine Interactive was born in 2006 with a passion and a purpose. Our seamless approach to internet marketing intertwines our experts with your team to craft and implement a personalized strategy that powers results – results that connect your business to new customers.

We are e-commerce specialists, paid search experts, traffic drivers and conversion optimizers. The Intertwine Interactive team has working experience in marketing departments of all sizes of business from start-ups to several Internet Retailer Top 500 companies. We understand that no matter how good you are, it’s difficult to keep pace with technological changes and manage diverse internet marketing priorities. It’s hard work and that’s why we’re here. The right partnership with experts who understand your needs can make the difference between stagnation and accelerated growth and success for your business.

While working with companies like yours we’ve driven revenue in the hundreds of millions and we continue to support our clients with the responsiveness and expertise required for them to meet and exceed their internet marketing objectives. We care about your business and pride ourselves in relationship management. We partner with the best technology providers in the space and we’ve developed a reporting platform that illustrates what’s really happening under the hood. 

In a new world that is undeniably driven by the web, Intertwine carves its own path, simply making us anything but traditional.


Intertwine offers a comprehensive list of internet marketing services that includes SEO, PPC, Comparison Shopping, Affiliate Management, Amazon Account Management and Retargeting.


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