Our Intertwine team members, Stephanie Hyland and Kasey Ostronic, attended the Facebook Community Boost Session this morning at KANEKO in downtown Omaha. The well-orchestrated discussion revolved around building brand awareness on Facebook and Instagram networks, how to uncover potential growth opportunities within account metrics, and the importance of creating thumb-stopping ad creative.

In a digital world where attention spans are short and the need for information is immediate, it’s more important than ever that the ad copy and messaging within your marketing efforts doesn’t get lost in your potential customer’s news feed. When on a mobile device, most people have the attention span of a goldfish…and Facebook has the research to prove it. According to data from the Statistic Brain Research Institute, goldfish have an attention span of nine seconds, while the average human attention span has gone down by 33% since the year 2000 to just 8.25 seconds in 2015. Even though it may seem impossible to effectively get your branded message in front of viewers that fast, the good news for marketers is that there are new strategies and ad formats available to create effective, mobile-first content.

When it comes to creating a thumb-stopping ad, you do not necessarily need the most expensive camera equipment to construct a unique ad. Your iPhone, with the help of a variety of free video editing apps, can help you create and deliver one-of-a-kind ads, all without breaking your marketing budget for the month. Having these free tools available allow you to create quality ads while maintaining a consistent brand aesthetic.

This event also explored a variety of business-related courses designed specifically for local entrepreneurs and advertisers so they can efficiently create and promote a brand on a local and national level. The speakers touched on how to make the most out of your current audience and how to expand those targeting efforts further to find even more potential customers. The speaker reviewed the process of choosing effective campaign objectives, how to define your target audience and how to calculate the end result within Facebook’s metrics. The speaker told attendees that it is critical for advertisers to understand the “why” behind a specific campaign rather than rushing to the execution. Without focusing on why you’re running a specific ad and what you’re trying to accomplish, advertisers can potentially miss out on targeting and creative opportunities.

According to the Facebook Community Boost presentation:

  • 60% of small and medium-sized businesses on Facebook in Nebraska say Facebook has allowed them to find new customers in other cities, states or countries
  • 57% of small and medium-sized businesses on Facebook in Nebraska say Facebook has helped their business increase sales
  • 33% of small and medium-sized businesses in Nebraska say Facebook has helped them hire additional employees to work at their business

Attending these types of seminars are key for our team members at Intertwine. These events allow us to not only meet local business owners, but to also become very familiar with the latest industry information, formats and techniques so we can continue to provide in-depth advice and service for our clients and their social campaigns.