When it comes to optimizing your company’s social media outlets, it doesn’t take up too much time and is easy to maintain, despite social media outlets constant evolution. Are you not sure if your company’s social outlets are up to snuff? Read on for a few recommendations that will not only help your company stand out, but will also help create a strong first impression.

Publish Custom Cover Photos & Company Images

One of the best aspects of your company’s social media outlets is that you can make them as unique as your company. By having custom cover photos and other personalized profile images that are showcasing your company’s colors and message, you are effectively promoting your brand for free. A good rule of thumb is to keep logos or images you are using to promote your brand on social outlets uniform in order to establish a strong brand presence.

Even though publishing a cover or profile picture on these social outlets seems like a no brainer, it is important that you remember to create an image with the correct dimensions in order for it to look its best. Since your profile images are some of the first things visitors see when they visit your page, you want to make sure they get a solid first impression. The last thing you want is to have your company logo distorted and not easily recognizable. Since the dimensions for every social media outlet vary, be sure to check out Hubspot’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet for the latest social media network dimensions.

Here is an example of an effective Facebook page managed by an Omaha-based company, Medical Solutions. Their message is clear and their logo is easily recognizable:

Keep Your Company Profile Current

When it comes to optimizing your company’s social media outlets, one of the most important things you can do for your company is to keep all of the information current. Has your company recently had a change of address or get a new phone number? Be sure to check that all of that information has been updated on your social networks so your clients know exactly how to find you.

Other than ensuring that the contact information on your social outlets is current, it is important to stay active and promote engagement on the platforms your company has decided to utilize. Publishing images, blog posts or industry updates on a daily or weekly basis is also a fun way to keep your company profile current. By making images an aspect of your company profile, you are giving your target audience a chance to see your company’s culture, in-house news and milestone celebrations. Not only do images promote your company’s culture, they have also proven to increase overall social engagement. According to a study Hubspot published in January, visual content is more than 40x more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. In the same study, it was shown that even Facebook posts with images see 2.3x more engagement than those without images.

Link to Other Company Social Profiles

With so many social networks available these days, it is important that you make it easy for your current and potential clients to find all of the networks your company uses for promotion. Facebook has made it easy for companies to showcase all of the networks they are actively using by introducing app links. With these app links, it is easy for clients to see where your company publishes important updates, pictures and news. Having your clients know where to find you in this ever-growing mobile era is key. Do you want to learn more about Facebook app links? Be sure to check out this app link overview.

Other than using the apps on your company’s Facebook page, it is important to also list them within your company’s contact information section on Facebook in the “About” section. Other social networks such as Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube also allow you to connect all of your social outlets on your company’s account.

Link to Your Company’s Main Website

Speaking of contact information, it is important to be sure you are listing your website or blog URL on your social channels. This will not only assist your company with its branded image, but it will also help your clients know that your social platforms are authentic, official representations of your company.

Other than including your company’s main website on your company’s social media outlets, it is important that the content used to describe what your company does or sells is similar. It doesn’t have to be word for word, but focusing on the same keywords will help you market your services to current and future clients.

With so many social platforms out there at everyone’s disposal, that doesn’t necessarily mean your company needs to create an account with everyone. It is important to get to know what each social outlet can offer as far as free and paid promotion. By ensuring that your company is represented well on a social platform that showcases what you do best as a company, you are sure to reach your desired audience.