It doesn’t matter if you run an e-commerce or brick and mortar business, incorporating a blog into your marketing strategy can be a very effective and long-term investment into your company’s brand. Other than driving traffic to your website and properly increasing your domain authority, consistently publishing well-written content on your website can also have a positive effect on your website’s overall organic progress within search results. Here are five other ways that incorporating a blog into your business plan can help your company become a reliable, go-to source for important information relating to your industry.

Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert

Just because you understand the products or services your company offers, doesn’t mean everyone else does. At least not yet. Is what your company offers an everyday type of product or is it seasonal? By focusing on a certain aspect of your company within a blog post, you are able to answer questions consumers may have with an unlimited amount of characters. A blog post gives you the platform you need to explain to potential customers why they need your product, when they will need it, how it works, and what puts your product above the rest. By consistently publishing content in a way an interested consumer would search online, your brand will be taking the necessary steps to showing up in prime areas of search result pages.

Grow Your Keyword Data Base

If your company is investing in paid search, you already understand the importance of nailing down strong keywords that relate directly to your business model. By targeting long tail search phrases and creating valuable content about your company’s products or services, you are increasing your keyword set. Brainstorming key phrases that not only relate to your industry, but have a high search volume, can make it easier for interested consumers to stumble upon your website. To ensure you are putting your best foot forward for your business, it is important that you are familiar with Google’s recently updated Search Quality Guidelines.

Increase Your Chances of Gaining Featured Snippets

When you are consistently publishing content on your company’s website that users find valuable, you increase your chances of obtaining featured snippets. What is a featured snippet? A featured snippet is a summarized answer to a user’s search query that is taken directly from a webpage. A portion of the content not only shows up at the top of Google’s search results, it also displays the website’s title and URL. Even though Google has never released formal guidelines regarding featured snippets, a number of case studies have been conducted regarding the topic and explain how industries can potentially boost their chances of having their content appear in this highly sought-after spot.

Give Your Social Channels More Value

Are you looking to promote more engagement on your company’s social channels? Publishing blog content on your company’s social channels will not only build your target audience and promote website traffic, it is an easy way for potential customers to learn more about what your business offers on a more conversational level. Having social media is an easy way to connect with current and potential customers. However, when sharing content on your company’s social channels, you want to be sure that you are always providing your followers with something of value. Take your followers into consideration and create an easy-to-follow promotion schedule to avoid any practices that may resemble spam. With so many foolproof tools available, optimizing a blog post across a number of social channels has never been simpler.

Keep Conversion Rate in Mind

Have you ever been casually scrolling through a website or social channel and made a purchase that you didn’t set out to make? Chances are you have. How does this happen and why does it happen more often than we care to admit? The power of persuasion is real and is achieved through well-written content. It is important to focus your blog post and keywords on what a potential customer could be needing or searching for before they take a desired action on your company’s website. A blog post is the perfect platform to promote what your business does or provides in a way that appeals to those who may not have necessarily been in the market to buy.