Using hashtags to search popular topics in order to contribute to a larger conversation is something many social media users have become accustomed to over the years. Even though hashtags help us track down important conversations and events happening anywhere in the world, they are not a visual aspect of social media and can become long-winded.

Twitter recently announced that they will be launching #Stickers on the popular social media outlet. Don’t worry, the hashtag isn’t going anywhere. Since this new feature is not yet available to everyone, think of these new stickers as a more visual hashtag. These new stickers will not only make searching for important conversations and events more of a visual experience for users, but it will also allow for more graphic and creative opportunities on your personal photos and timeline.

“Soon, you can browse our rotating sets of stickers to join in on real-time conversations, and select from the library of hundreds of accessories, emoji, and props to make your photos more fun,” according to a recent Twitter blog post. “Use them to share what you’re doing or how you’re feeling, to show support for a cause, or to just add some flair.”

Once you tweet a photo that has a sticker on it, your image becomes searchable through the sticker(s) you used.

“Tapping on a sticker in a tweet takes you to a new timeline, where you can see how people all over the world use that sticker in different ways,” Twitter said.

If these new stickers develop the capability of being sponsored, it could open a new way for marketers to reach their target audience and encourage engagement. This idea would be very similar to how Snapchat filters can be sponsored by different brands or events. If a brand sponsored a particular sticker on Twitter, they could then use that engagement to retarget those Twitter users with ads. Those ads would then promote a product(s) that correlate with that particular sticker.

Twitter said that users who are using Twitter on iOS and Android devices should expect to see this new feature in the next few weeks. Users will also be able to review stickers on

Do you want to learn more about the new stickers and the other photo options available on Twitter? Be sure to check out Twitter’s Help Center for the latest updates.