Earlier this week, Google announced that they are going to be expanding their set of alerts within Google Analytics. This new addition will include notifications for sites that are hacked for spam purposes, which is in clear violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. In the event your website was ever hacked by a third party, the new alert would flag the affected domain within Google Analytics UI and would send webmasters the necessary information to address the issue.

Security is something Google has always taken very seriously. Google reported in September 2015, that they had seen a 180% increase in websites being hacked for spam purposes compared to the previous year. Google said that this new alert within Google Analytics will give them another way to notify webmasters that their site may have been tampered with.

Another way to ensure that your website is protected is to verify it within Search Console. The security features tool will notify you when issues arise on your website. This tool is able to pin-point the exact issue your website is experiencing. This tool also provides detailed instructions to help webmasters recover the website in question in a step-by-step guide.

Want to know what else you can do to help prevent your website from being compromised? Check out this list of tips and best practices that was published last year on the Google Webmaster Central Blog.