It doesn’t matter if you are looking for weather alerts, flight information, stock updates or just want to know how your favorite team played last night, Google Now can do it all. Google Now, is the virtual personal assistant that has become a part of Android and Google’s search application. Despite this virtual assistant being capable of bringing you a number of alerts, scores and other useful tools, it lacks customization opportunities for users.

Google is testing a new feature called “Explore Interests” which will give users a more personalized experience when it comes to what kind of information Google will track. As of now, the only customization that can be done is through Google Now’s app settings by selecting certain on/off toggles switches. By switching those toggle switches, you are only able to tell Google that you are not interested in a particular news or entertainment source.

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The “Explore Interests” feature will make it easier for Google to tell what type of information users are the most interested in viewing, instead of basing it off of user’s history and location. Users will have six different categories to explore; sports, TV, movies, musicians, people and stocks. Once users select a category, they can sift through a variety of subcategories that contain individual cards that they can select. By selecting these individual cards, users are able to tell Google they want information on that particular topic on a regular basis.

For example, users who select the “people” category will be shown cards of politicians, actors, athletes and other public figures that they can follow. Not only will users have the capability to choose what interests them the most on a national level, they will also be able to see topics that are locally popular by exploring the “Popular in Your Area” tab.

This “Explore Interests” was first noticed by the Android Police blog, which noted that this feature may be slowly becoming available. However, according to a TechCrunch article, “a Google spokesperson confirmed ‘interests’ is an experiment that the company is testing with the look-and-feel of the product.” The Google source concluded by saying Google had nothing to announce at this time.