On Wednesday (4/15), Intertwine Interactive’s Chief Operating Officer Jake Renter co-hosted a webinar about COVID-19 and the important questions digital marketers should be asking right now.

Renter joined Wes MacLaggan, Marin Software Head of Marketing, to discuss the COVID-19 response checklist for digital marketers. The webinar included a variety of answers to questions such as:

    • How are search budgets being affected?
    • How has Amazon been affected by COVID-19?
    • For clients considering cutting back on programs, what are the recommended first or last steps to do?
    • How do advertisers take advantage to help customers and build their business?
    • What should businesses consider when choosing whether to bid on brand terms?
    • How will COVID-19 affect job opportunities for digital marketers?

Read the full transcript of questions and answers from Wednesday’s webinar. Interested in watching the webinar? See the video below or on MarinSoftware.com.


COVID-19 is a novel infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 that has spread globally, resulting in the World Health Organization declaring it a pandemic. The spread of COVID-19 and resulting pandemic has affected several business industries and has left digital marketing professionals questioning their next steps. For more information and updates about COVID-19: