Google Continues to Help Local Businesses During COVID-19 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Google has rolled out a number of features within Google My Business to help local businesses. In March they added the temporarily closed option, which allows businesses to let customers know that they were just temporarily closed and may be offering pickup or delivery. They have also encouraged businesses to provide updates through the posts option in Google My Business. Now, they have integrated support links that enable customers to make donations to businesses and order gift cards through partners without a commission going to Google.

Now that businesses have these new options, which ones are the most important to their Google My Business page?

Hours of Operation

Letting customers know if you are open or not, and what your hours are, is the most important thing that needs to be constantly updated. Once you make the update in your Google My Business dashboard it will show up in organic search and on Google Maps.


Right now, posts are the best way to inform users in a detailed way about things your business is doing. Since there are many questions about how businesses are making adjustments, this is the perfect place to share your changes.


By adding photos of your business to your profile and within posts, you can give customers an inside look at your business without having them step outside of their home. This will add a level of comfort for those who want to see how your business is operating.


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How to Develop an Effective SEO Strategy (Case Study)

By: Brad Pitzl, SEO Manager at Intertwine Interactive

At Intertwine Interactive, when we initially meet with our clients, we make it clear that there are no overnight fixes when it comes to the world of SEO. Our ultimate goal of strong and steady traffic growth through consistent hard work has proven to be a winning strategy time and time again for our clients.

In this case study, I will be outlining step-by-step how we provided long-term growth for a client in the business services field. However, most of the processes and concepts that I will be reviewing can be applied to other industries and most websites in general.

It All Starts With An SEO Audit

To get things started on the right foot for the client, we conducted a full on- and off-site audit. This would help us discover issues on the website itself, and also help us take a look at the competitive landscape. While conducting the audit, we discovered that many of the client’s pages lacked basic optimization opportunities such as meta descriptions and title tags, just to name a few. These areas would need to be updated before the website had a chance to grow. Along with some off-site call outs, we were able to produce a customized strategy for the client that would get them started in the right direction.

Start On-Going Services

Once the changes from our audit were implemented by the client’s development team, we were able to start our on-going services for them. For this client in particular, we saw a great need to update and correct their local listings and citations. Many of the links and citations that were listed contained incorrect information. Because of these errors, we spent much of our time updating the company name, address and phone information.

Another area where we saw an opportunity to increase our client’s influence was content distribution. Since this client had a very specific niche, they had a unique perspective that could be shared. They had taken the initiative and hired a content coordinator who was responsible for keeping their blog current. We worked directly with their content coordinator to come up with a content calendar based on a set of keywords that the company wanted to target.

Manage Off-Site Improvements

As we dove into the task of updating and adding to the client’s link and citation profile, we saw many new opportunities for them. For starters, the correct information would now be out there for current and future clients. Also, by adding to their backlink profile we could increase the authority of the client’s domain. This constant process of improving the backlink profile for the client really helped amplify the recent adjustments that had been made on their website. As you will see below, the steady upward movement of referring domains shows the domain strengthening over the months.


Review The Steady Traffic Growth

After the first few months of on-going services and a consistent flow of new content, we started to see our first signs of growth. It started off as high single digit increases in month over month traffic, but as the momentum built we moved into the teens. After a slow month in December, due to the holidays and seasonality of their industry, we began to really see our work pay off in January.

With a steady stream of new content and a constantly improving backlink profile, our client started to see 15% and higher increases in organic traffic each month. Search engines love new content because it gives them a reason to keep coming back to the site and to crawl it and discover other new content. This study proves that content truly is king.

Source: Google Analytics

The Major Takeaways

-There are no short cuts in SEO. It takes time, money and hard work to get your website to where you would like it.

-In order to see continued success, clients and their SEO expert must continue to build, write, and help the website evolve to keep the momentum going.

-It is also important to make sure your client has realistic expectations. Each industry is different and results will vary from website to website.

Intertwine Interactive was born in 2006 with a passion and a purpose. Our seamless approach to internet marketing intertwines our experts with your team to craft and implement a personalized strategy that powers results – results that connect your business to new customers and a brighter future. Intertwine offers a comprehensive list of internet marketing services that includes SEO, PPC, Comparison Shopping, Affiliate Management and Retargeting.

Which Google Ranking Factors Are Most Important in 2015?

Google has always stated that there are over 200 different ranking factors that they look at when determining where a webpage ranks. Even though Google has never officially announced what these factors are, there are studies and lists that provide us with an educated guess. As Google’s search algorithm has evolved, it has become clear that the importance of some of the ranking factors has changed. Below are five of the most important ranking factors that we have seen for 2015.

Quality Content

While there is some debate as to how long your content should be, there has never been a debate about quality. Time and time again you will see a site lose or gain traffic after a panda update or refresh. There is simply no way to get away with creating thin or unoriginal content in 2015.

Backlink Profile

A clean backlink profile remains one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking a website. This has been at the core of Google’s algorithm since its inception. You can read stories almost daily of high profile websites that have been hit by manual penalties for trying to unnaturally inflate their backlink totals. Even though Google has implemented other ranking factors, backlinks will be a vital part of rankings for the foreseeable future.

Mobile Friendly Website

In April, Google made it quite clear that your website needs to be mobile friendly or it would not rank well. The so-called ‘mobilegeddon’ update had the SEO industry on edge, with recent studies showing that around 17% of webpages were effected. It seems that this is just the first step in more widespread mobile quality guidelines. As mobile search evolves, there will surely be more mobile factors that will need to be considered when optimizing websites.

Page Speed

Page speed should be a no-brainer when it comes to building a website. What most people miss about this factor is that it will help with user experience and your bounce rate. While sometimes it is easier said than done, the speed of your website should be one of your top priorities.

Social Signals

When it was announced that Google would once again index tweets it became clear that this would soon become a ranking factor. While tweets may not be looked at in the same light as backlinks, they are a very important part of how you are seen in search results. Twitter profiles are also a great way to validate what people think of your content and website as a whole